Home            This is a list of short sermons, they average in time about 8 to 20 minutes.

                                Galveston 2010 Feast of Tabernacles Sermons  

                                        Galveston 2010 FOT Special Music

09/30/2010                Randy Scherich              Last Great Day
09/29/2010                Jason Edds                    7th Day FOT
09/28/2010               Barry Scherich               Don't Stop Short
09/26/2010               Tom Younger                What is Your  Purpose?
09/25/2010               Jason Edds                    Testing
09/24/2010              Barry Scherich                2nd Day FOT
09/23/2010              Tom Younger                 Anticipation
09/23/2010               Jason Edds                    The Gift
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